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  • 48hourslogo


    48hourslogo is a logo design contest website. We connect small businesses with talented graphic designers from all over the world.


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  • 4INFO


    4INFO is advanced ad tech that helps marketers craft multi-channel campaign strategy, including the functionality to measure return on ad spend based on incremental sales transactions.


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  • 5ml


    5ml is a 100% visual WYSIWYG editor that makes it easy to create a rich media project. 5ml lets creatives just drag-and-drop sophisticated built-in widgets on a free-form canvas with real-time view updates, direct manipulation and multiple page editing, right from within the web browser. The project editor boasts many user-friendly features designed to address the ever-increasing complexity of cross-platform rich media development.


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  • 5pillows


    5pillows is a web app enabling customer-facing teams to communicate through email, social media and more, all from one centralized place.


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  • 6sense


    6sense is lead scoring software that prioritizes known prospects, assigning the highest scores to the ones who are ready to buy. The platform predicts with more than 80% accuracy. Unlike basic predictive lead-scoring tools that rely on static data, demographics, and firmographics, 6sense ties together thousands of sources of time-sensitive intent data from the B2B web to make its predictions.


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  • 7Search


    7Search offers Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search engine advertising that can generate traffic and revenue online. 7Search offers graphical and text banners, pop-unders, and interstitial web pages.


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  • 7Sheep


    7Sheep is marketing automation for small teams. Integrated leads management, easy form building, automatically personalized outgoing emails and more, 7Sheep enables even small marketing teams to create unlimited campaigns with unlimited contact lists, set up multiple touch points through different channels, and manage campaign timing.


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  • 7suite


    A powerful tool that helps busy marketers, advertisers and web analysts harness their data, 7suite goes beyond the basics of data collection, normalization and segmentation to offer customizability at all levels including the choice of on-premises or private cloud hosting.


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  • 7tag


    7tag is an open-source tag management system that enables marketers to improve their marketing campaigns by easily creating, deploying, and managing their tags across all their websites. Users may allso implement both asynchronous and synchronous tags. Plus it’s free to download, use, and modify.


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  • 8Seconds Optimiser

    8Seconds Optimiser

    8Seconds Optimiser is a cloud-based A/B and multivariate creative content testing application. The tool is designed to dramatically improve email and landing page conversions and empower marketers to work independently from technical teams.


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  • 8×8 Business VoIP

    8×8 Business VoIP

    8×8 is a suite of business VoIP services that includes mobile apps, web conferencing, chat and the added benefit of a customer contact center.


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  • 9-20am


    9-20am is a software solution for digital marketers and business owners that allows them to manage their marketing activity, budgets and results.


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  • 99designs


    99designs is a graphic design marketplace and vibrant online community that connects people who need something designed — like a logo or t-shirt — with talented creatives around the world


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  • 9Lenses


    9Lenses is an innovative digital platform for consulting agencies designed to pull all data from surveys, spreadsheets, presentations and hard drives and centralize everything in a digital library.


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  • à la Reg

    à la Reg

    à la Reg is a form creation tool for simple registration, donation and volunteer activities.

    Brand:A la Reg

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  • A Web Whiteboard

    A Web Whiteboard

    A Web Whiteboard is a user-friendly, freemium virtual whiteboard app for desktop. tablet or mobile phone. Designed to scale from personal use to enterprise, the basic version is free, with premium plans available that including saving up to a hundred whiteboards and embedding the tool into a website.

    Brand:A Web Whiteboard

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  • A/B Testing

    A/B Testing

    A/B Testing for app developers helps optimize app performance on the fly, without coding, by having imported 3rd party analytics measure and interpret what’s really working for an app, then converting any instant visual change into an A/B test that can be launched to all users in real-time.


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  • Aabaco Small Business

    Aabaco Small Business

    Aabaco Small Business is a platform providing small businesses with tools to create a professional presence on the Internet. The solution includes website hosting, ecommerce capabilities, local advertising, and email marketing.


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  • Aarki Encore

    Aarki Encore

    Aarki Encore is an integrated marketing platform for creative design, media buying, and optimization. The all-in-one platform is especially suited for mobile, packed with features for creating and deploying high-performing video and content-based mobile ads in a fraction of the time.


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  • AB Newswire

    AB Newswire

    AB Newswire is a press releases distribution service that is designed to ensure that news reaches leading international and national news websites, top regional and local news portals, leading radio stations and TV channels websites, trade and industry-specific news channels, online news blogs, and other relevant sites.

    Brand:AB Newswire

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  • AB Tasty

    AB Tasty

    AB Tasty is a SaaS-based application that runs A/B and multivariate tests enabling e-marketers to optimize their website and conversion rate with minimal technical knowledge.

    Brand:AB Tasty

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  • AbiliTec Customer Recognition

    AbiliTec Customer Recognition

    AbiliTec performs identity resolution — the ability to match customer or prospect data collected over time, across channels and devices, to an accurate identifier of an individual. AbiliTec fuels people-based marketing by delivering the insight to recognize and connect to a single view of your customer and build long-lasting relationships across the customer lifecycle that earn trust in today’s omnichannel world.


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  • Ability CCS

    Ability CCS

    Ability CCS is an end-to-end Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) platform for single-channel and multi-channel retailers. Ability CSS handles the entire lifecycle of your daily business operation, from supply chain management and inventory control through to post-sales, including a marketing campaign management module with built-in promotions and pricing features.

    Brand:Ability Commerce

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  • Ability SmartSite

    Ability SmartSite

    Ability SmartSite includes filter and navigational features that comprise a superior onsite search functionality. SmartSearch is a fast, accurate on site search tool that can operate independently of SmartSite and can be integrated with other eCommerce platforms.

    Brand:Ability Commerce

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