40Nuggets is a smart Lead Capture Automation platform that detects and identifies website visitors based on location, landing page or ad campaign, and other trackable behavior patterns. With 40Nuggets, sales and marketing teams can capture potential leads by understanding what’s driving visitor behavior, and respond by displaying the right targeted offers, personalize on-page messages, collect email and newsletter subscribers and much more. Leverage your web traffic data with a full service targeting platform that allows you to target, retarget, and convert more of your site visitors every day.


Product Features:
  • Turn your website into a lead generating machine with a suite of smart tools.
  • Tracks, analyzes, and provides valuable insight into your site visitors to help you make decisions about campaigns, budgets, and content.
  • Target your traffic over time with the right messages at the right time to boost your website conversions.
  • Bulk up your CRM and email list by automatically adding new leads to your marketing funnel.
Product Purpose: The 40Nuggets uniquely comprehensive testing platform works in the background and focuses on transforming website traffic into value by converting more site visitors, with a goal to get the highest possible conversion rate. Your PPC and SEO Campaigns will
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