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  • Ace


    Ace is an end-to-end marketing automation platform purpose built for boutique real estate companies and agent teams, and it comes with the expert services of a Boston Logic consultant (your “Ace”) to help get things started. Ace is designed to help streamline, automate and improve content and marketing for real estate agencies that don’t have a dedicated marketing department.

    Brand:Boston Logic

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  • Ace Metrix LIVE

    Ace Metrix LIVE

    Ace Metrix LIVE is a subscription data service that provides detailed analytics on the impact of digital creative across any screen. The self-service browser-based user interface serves up thousands of data points for each and every ad.

    Brand:Ace Metrix

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  • AceProject


    AceProject is a web-based project management toolbox designed to track projects, tasks, time sheets, and schedules.


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  • Acesse Mobile

    Acesse Mobile

    Acesse Mobile is a site builder designed for the non-techie that wants an easy way to create an appealing mobile site in a matter of minutes. Upload any URL into Acesse Mobile’s site builder and all content is collected for a flawless transition into a mobile site. The site builder includes powerful widgets such as photo galleries, videos, social media profiles, customizable contact or feedback forms, and more.


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  • Acquia Cloud

    Acquia Cloud

    Acquia Cloud is a continuous delivery cloud platform optimized to run Drupal websites. The end-to-end platform-as-a-service provides everything needed to create, maintain, and optimize high-quality Drupal websites.


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  • Acquia Cloud Site Factory

    Acquia Cloud Site Factory

    Acquia Cloud Site Factory is a multiple site management platform that empowers marketers to create, deploy, and manage hundreds of media-rich sites fast. With an intuitive sitemanagement toolset, users can rapidly create materials that deliver engaging digital experiences.


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  • Acquia Lift

    Acquia Lift

    Acquia Lift collects and centralizes data from a variety of existing marketing technologies and channels, including websites, email marketing platforms, marketing automation tools, social platforms, mobile apps, call center transactions, and third-party and offline data sources. Lift progressively builds upon this rich profile in real time with every customer action.


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  • Acquia Platform

    Acquia Platform

    The Acquia Platform offers a secure platform-as-a-service cloud environment for the Drupal web content management system, advanced multi-site management, powerful developer tools, and software-as-a-service capabilities for personalization, content syndication, and more. The Acquia Platform components are built with an API-first approach to make it easy to tailor the solution to your organization’s specific needs and environment.


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  • Acquisio


    Using the most powerful optimization algorithm on the market, Acquisio’s bid and budget management solution allows users to set more accurate bids and deliver more clicks at a lower cost per click. This unique high frequency, predictive optimization is proven to be 3 times more likely to spend clients’ full daily budget, without going over, and has lowered cost-per-click by an average 40%. With automation solutions saving you hours a week, account managers can take on more clients without sacrificing performance. Serving more than 300 agencies and running 300,000 campaigns and 2.4 million bid adjustments a day, Acquisio is recognized as being one of the fastest growing companies in North America, winning the Deloitte Tech Fast 500 and Fast 50 awards for four consecutive years.


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  • Acrolinx Platform

    Acrolinx Platform

    The Acrolinx platform is a content optimization platform that is built on an advanced linguistic analytics engine. The software reads the content, scores the content based on unique guidelines, and guides writers on how to improve it.


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  • Act-On Platform

    Act-On Platform

    Act-On is a Software-as-a-Service marketing automation solution purpose-built to give small and medium-sized marketing teams all the value of enterprise marketing automation in a user-friendly, cost-effective platform.


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  • Act! Essentials

    Act! Essentials

    Act! Essentials helps you easily consolidate and manage contacts, activities, notes, and history, and connect with prospects and customers in one organized place, accessible from anywhere.into group initiatives


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  • Act! Premium

    Act! Premium

    Act! Premium is a contact management solution that helps to organize prospect and customer details in one place so users can prioritize the day and market products and services more effectively, driving sales results while creating customers for life.


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  • Acteamo


    Acteamo is a cloud-based project management platform that includes many powerful features to help team leaders manage complex projects from anywhere.


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  • Actian Analytics Platform

    Actian Analytics Platform

    Actian Analytics Platform delivers extreme performance with off-the-shelf hardware, overcoming key technical and economic barriers to broad adoption of Big Data. Actian also makes Hadoop enterprise-grade by providing high-performance ELT, visual design, and SQL analytics on Hadoop without the need for MapReduce skills.

    Brand:Actian Corporation

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  • Actionable Ecommerce Analytics

    Actionable Ecommerce Analytics

    Actionable Ecommerce Analytics provides detailed data analytics for the user’s ecommerce site. Equipped with tools to measure customer preference data, follow shopping session activity, generate insightful visual reports, and use ecommerce A/B testing, this solution is a gateway to driving sales and conversions.


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  • ActionBridge


    ActionBridge is a data integration tool that securely joins data from beyond the firewall (cloud-or SaaS-based), with on-premise applications, functions and data. This is commonly known as a mashup. The result is a single interactive interface displaying what you need, when you need it securely empowering users to collaborate more efficiently.


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  • Actionly Campaign Tracking

    Actionly Campaign Tracking

    Actionly Campaign Tracking tracks what customers are saying across multiple social media channels, lets marketers track brand, industry terms and competitors, and provides comprehensive insight and analysis into social media conversations.


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  • Actionly Social Media Marketing

    Actionly Social Media Marketing

    Actionly Social Media Marketing enables organizations to view and post to numerous Facebook and Twitter accounts from one central dashboard.


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  • Actionly Social Media Monitoring

    Actionly Social Media Monitoring

    Actionly Social Media Monitoring enables organizations to monitor keywords across social media channels from one dashboard.


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  • ActionRecorder


    ActionRecorder enables marketers to track the behavior of website visitors. The tool reports where the incoming traffic comes from, what pages are viewed, clicks mouseovers and more.


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  • ActionX


    ActionX is a mobile app and cross-screen retargeting platform that connects the dots between mobile customer acquisition and mobile retargeting to drive transactions and maximize customer lifetime value. Cross-screen attribution connects user activities across devices for understanding, behavior, and attribution.


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    ACTITO is an advanced agile relationship marketing suite designed especially for the unique needs of today’s data driven marketers. ACTITO can scale up to millions of contacts, make it easier to send personalised mailings and more.


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  • Activate


    Activate is a B2B lead generation company that leverages a unique combination of buyer insights, high-performance content, event services and lead-nurture technologies to acquire and nurture new leads.


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