Boingnet Marketing Automation Services

Our Marketing Automation Services team leverages Boingnet’s experience to marketing departments and agencies get campaigns out the door quickly and professionally. We’ve helped deploy thousands of campaigns, have seen what works and what doesn’t, and can fast track you and your team to deliver a great Boingnet campaign. We’re your Boingnet experts that work behind the scenes to make you shine. Whether you’re a small business, a non-profit, or an agency building a marketing automation practice, Boingnet’s Marketing Automation Services offer you professional, experienced marketing technologists that will work with your team to ensure they deliver results on time and on budget.


Product Features:
  • Building Complex Forms, pages, email templates, or drip campaigns.
  • Boingnet Best Practices – get the most out of your pURL, landing page, microsite or email campaign.
  • Turn-key Campaign Delivery – tell us what you want, we’ll build it for you.
  • Integration with your (or your client’s) CRM or other automated systems with our API, native plugins or with hundreds of web apps via Zapier.
Product Purpose:

Use Boingnet for multichannel campaigns. We integrate direct mail campaigns with digital experiences for consistent, personalized messaging. Your customers expect to respond to your direct marketing efforts online. We make it easy for you to produce & mea

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