10,000ft Insights

10,000ft Insights is an online brainstorming, collaboration and file sharing solution for creative teams irrespective of team members geographical location. Creatives can get together online in a “virtual war room,” gathering product or project specs, sharing sketches and designs, comparing concepts and ideas and providing feedback to the team.


Product Features:
  • Build visual project summaries.
  • Gather technical and business requirement input with rating tools.
  • Organize the project space to match the way you work and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Collect and showcase inspiration and ideas by sharing documents, sketches, and renderings.
  • Compare and contrast multiple options with 2x2s.
  • Get quick input with multi-votes and custom ratings.
  • Share project updates and final decisions with professional layouts.
Product Purpose: 10,000ft Insights is an affordable collaboration tool that helps everyone on the creative team, and stakeholders, to visualize project content, evolution and final outcome.
Product Attributes: Free Trial: Tech Expert: Credit Card Required: NA Avg Installation Time: Not Defined Training: No Training Offered Free Version:

Additional information

10,000ft (Founded in 2012)

Address:NA Seattle,  WA,  United States of America.
Website: http://www.10000ft.com/
HQ Phonenumber1: NA HQ Phonenumber2: NA
Email Address: support@10000ft.com
Fax: NA