Boingnet is a direct marketing automation platform that provides a full suite of digital direct marketing tools in one platform. With PURL and QR code generation and campaign management, Boingnet enables marketers to drive online behavior with offline data. Some of its features include PURLs, landing pages, microsites, domain management, lead nurturing, drip, email and mobile marketing, analytics and more.


Product Features:
  • PURL Marketing.
  • Personalized Landing Pages.
  • Microsites, Behavioral Triggered Email, CRM Integration, Analytics.
  • White Labeled Version For Agencies.
  • Audiences Campaigns let you plug PURLs into any modern landing page, web page or e-commerce platform.
  • With the tracking and personalization that make PURLs really perform.
Product Purpose: Use Boingnet for multichannel campaigns. We integrate direct mail campaigns with digital experiences for consistent, personalized messaging. Your customers expect to respond to your direct marketing efforts online. We make it easy for you to produce & mea
Product Attributes: Free Trial: Tech Expert: Credit Card Required: Avg Installation Time: Immediate Training: NA Free Version:

Additional information

Boingnet (Founded in 2008)

Address: 55 Accord Park D,  Rockland,  MA,  United States of America.
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