Email Informant

Email Informant embeds a simple tracking pixel into outbound emails, making it easy to measure whether each recipient fully read your entire email or simply skimmed it. Discover if your sending times are optimized around the peak hours of your recipients, which links or calls to action perform the best and more.


Product Features:
  • Simple campaign creation wizard to grab your tracking pixel and embed it into the body of your email.
  • Display who reads your email and for how long, drilled down to the individual recipient, device, and platform.
  • Utilize the tracking data to make informed decisions and optimize your campaigns for performance.
Product Purpose: Blacklist Informant's robust reporting engine was designed to ensure the quickest and most relevant notifications possible to reduce the loss caused by blacklists.
Product Attributes: Free Trial: Tech Expert: Credit Card Required: NA Avg Installation Time: Not Defined Training: No Training Offered Free Version:

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