10,000ft Plans

10000ft Plans is an interactive, high-level project resource management platform for business owners, managers and other organization leaders. 10000ft Plans replaces the tedium of traditional static spreadsheets and emailed status updates, featuring a drillable, collapsible visual timeline. See at a glance who is working on which projects, weeks in progress, status of deliverables, budget, and more. Organization leaders can participate in projects, and the tool pre-populates the status bar to show which projects you are on, letting your team know what you are working on, or even shows if you are out of the office.


Product Features:
  • Create better project plans with an interactive roadmap of your team’s current and future work.
  • Visualize all project plans across your entire organization in one dynamic, real-time timeline.
  • View your staff members’ availability by collapsing the timeline view to see who is free and who is overbooked.
  • Use resource planning templates to quickly recreate and adjust new plans.
  • Match staff members to project requirements according to their skills and availability.
  • All pricing levels have unlimited projects and come with a 30-day free trial.
Product Purpose:

10,000ft Insights is an affordable collaboration tool that helps everyone on the creative team, and stakeholders, to visualize project content, evolution and final outcome.

Product Attributes: Free Trial: Tech Expert: NA Credit Card Required: Avg Installation Time: Not Defined Training: No Training Offered Free Version:

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10,000ft (Founded in 2012)

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