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  • Zoom


    Zoom brings people together in and out of the office with virtual meeting, video conferencing and screen sharing solutions all in one feature-rich platform.

    Brand:Zoom Video Communications

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  • Zoomdata


    Zoomdata is an exploratory data analysis and visualization platform that enables users to easily Connect, Visualize, and Interact with data on browsers and mobile devices. Once deployed, users are able to create dashboards, fuse disparate data sources from across the enterprise into a single user experience and create a corporate data quilt that lets business users collaborate on the data that drives their business.


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  • Zoomin Docs

    Zoomin Docs

    Zoomin Docs extends the reach of product documentation, giving customers easy and personalized access to the answers they need from any location or device. Provide customers with a single portal that moves content from a world of documents to a world of answers.


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  • ZoomInfo Growth Acceleration Platform

    ZoomInfo Growth Acceleration Platform

    ZoomInfo Growth Acceleration Platform is a data-driven solution that allows B2B professionals to rapidly identify, target and search qualified contacts. The platform is backed by a database that contains over 135 million professional profiles and 10 million business profiles.


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  • Zoomph


    Zoomph is an influencer engagement platform that collects and ranks social media in real-time to provide powerful second screens and analytics.


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  • Zoovy


    Zoovy is an ecommerce solution that ensures the tightest integration and streamlined functionality for business process. With Zoovy’s app-based commerce framework, stores can be custom tailored to business needs. As the business grows and needs change, through app updates, the store can change right along with it. The store is designed to accommodate iterative updates, allowing more flexibility as the business grows.


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  • Zopim Live Chat

    Zopim Live Chat

    Zopim Live Chat is a messaging solution enabling businesses to offer customer support in real-time.


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  • Zuberance


    Zuberance converts word-of-mouth into a powerful, organic marketing source to boost engagement and sales. With customized advocate marketing programs, Zuberance drives brand recommendations, referrals and revenues.


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  • ZugSTAR


    ZugSTAR is a technology that allows people in different locations to have shared Augmented Reality video conferencing experiences from within their video feeds. ZugSTAR is a video conferencing system similar to Skype, but with the added functionality of being able to see one another’s “augmented” experience in real time.


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  • Zumobi Brand Integration (Zbi) Platform

    Zumobi Brand Integration (Zbi) Platform

    The Zumobi Brand Integration (Zbi) platform integrates an advanced publishing engine together with a robust web-based command center to deliver a rich content marketing experience to a mobile audience for the first time.


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  • Zumvu


    Zumvu is an Online Promotion & Marketing Platform designed to help businesses of all types, gain visibility and grow their online presence. It can be used by business owners, agencies and publishers for driving sales through the use of Content Marketing, Social Media Automation, SEO and Lead Generation Tools.


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  • Zuora RBM Platform

    Zuora RBM Platform

    Zuora provides a Relationship Business Management (RBM) solution, an enterprise-grade, multi-entity solution helping businesses to rapidly transition to subscriber-centric, digitally-enabled business models.


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  • Zurmo CRM

    Zurmo CRM

    Zurmo is an open source CRM platform that encompasses sales, marketing automation, and project management software into one solution. Through the use of gamification, Zurmo engages, motivates, and recognizes users.


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  • zvelo


    zvelo’s AI-based contextual categorization systems generate massive data sets that significantly enrich data management platforms, improve online advertising and ad targeting, provide brand safety and support web filtering and network security offerings.


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  • Zylotech


    The ZyloTech Customer Analytics Platform (CAP) is an award-winning, AI-powered engine that enables omni-channel marketing operations to increase customer monetization and deliver highly effective, personalized re-marketing.


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  • Zyme Channel Data Management (CDM)

    Zyme Channel Data Management (CDM)

    zyme cloud platform 3.0 is a channel data management solution that offers end-to-end CDM capabilities to turn raw channel data into actionable channel intelligence. With Zyme, you can spend less, sell more, and realize transformational benefits by making CDM easy and of strategic value to your channel partners. The platform supports data acquistion, data quality enhancement, data enrichment and analytics.


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  • zymeEcommerce


    zymeEcommerce is a comprehensive solution for all of the eCommerce channel. The solution tracks three key areas of online channel metrics – product pricing, product visibility, and product perception to deliver incisive and actionable insight into the performance of the eCommerce channel. –


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  • zymeIncentives


    zymeIncentives is a turnkey, automated, end-to-end incentives management solution that helps companies define, track, calculate, and manage partner payouts. zymeIncentives is powered by the highly scalable TruePay engine that utilizes Big Data technologies to process millions of transactions to offer exceptionally accurate incentives payout information.


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  • Zyncro


    Zyncro is an enterprise social network that provides a private and secure space for business communications. Employees in an organization can gather online to exchange knowledge, documents, task management, contact data, and more.


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  • Zyprr


    Zyprr is a Customer Success Management Platform, a new generation of business process software where companies can run all their processes in one place, in the Cloud, thus getting full 360 degree view of their business. Zyprr provides businesses with an integrated marketing, sales, and service management solution that helps build successful customer relations.


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