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  • ZAP Data Intelligence

    ZAP Data Intelligence

    ZAP Data Intelligence is a discrete solution that manages the integration of multiple data sources while maintaining repeatable trusted data models that can be leveraged across any business, including specific technology and assets for software vendors looking to provide a fully integrated BI experience for their customers


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  • Zapier


    Zapier is a tool primarily for non-technical users to connect together web apps in fast, productivity-boosting “zaps.” Pick a Trigger that sets your Zap into motion. Whenever the trigger happens in one app, Zapier will automatically perform the same action in another app. Simple, fill-in-the-blank setup is all you need to get started. Go from idea to workflow in minutes.


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  • ZapWorks


    ZapWorks allows users to build individual augmented reality and virtual reality content to interact with others. For example, users who look at select boxes of Pauls yogurt, through the ZapWorks app, on their phones will see an interactive augmented reality animation of cartoon characters emerging from the box.


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  • Zawatu


    Zawatu is an innovative online network that allows small businesses to have a business page and an online catalog where they can list their products/services.


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  • Zco Corporation

    Zco Corporation

    Zco Corporation is a software development company that specializes in mobile app development, enterprise software, and animation services.

    Brand:Zco Corporation

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  • ZeetaPro


    ZeetaPro is a web application platform that offers a suite of embedded integrated marketing automation solutions including email marketing, event management, eCommerce, and online community, client communication, and digital asset management.

    Brand:Creative Mileage

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  • Zembula


    Zembula (formerly Scratch-It) specializes in digital “Reveal Marketing” to boost customer engagement and conversion. Reveal marketing borrows from the scratch-and-reveal tickets and cards, a strategy that requires recipients of an email to perform an action to reveal a hidden message. Send out welcome messages, product announcements, promotions, transaction notifications and more via content that gets you remembered, engages your potential customers, and increases your bottom line.


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  • Zen Planner

    Zen Planner

    Zen Planner is an all-in-one software solution designed for the fitness industry. The platform includes easy-to-use tools for membership management, scheduling and integrated payment processing, as well as automated email and website templates that help health clubs, gyms and studios keep in touch with members.

    Brand:Zen Planner

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  • Zenbo


    Zenbo is an AI-powered robot that can understand when you ask questions or give commands, and speak back to you in a conversational voice. Zenbo is a real robot that moves around the home, and will take photos, capture videos, make video calls, play music through built-in stereo speakers when it hears your spoken requests. Zenbo facilitates stress-free digital experiences by helping with a variety of online tasks, such as browsing social media and shopping.


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  • Zendesk


    Zendesk’s primary platform is a feature-rich, highly integrable cloud-based CRM that seamlessly works with inbound calling, email and live chat for the ultimate customer support experience. Zendesk is flexible and scalable, with modules that can be turned on as needed including self-help knowledge base and community platforms. The platform supports multiple branded CRMs with a unique tabbed interface, enabling agents to multitask.


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  • Zendio


    Zendio is a plug-in that allows users to set up a custom branded, graphical stationary files that track who has opened the email, when it was opened and how may times it was opened and if any links were clicked on.

    Brand:XL Technologies

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  • ZenHub


    ZenHub is a project management solution inside GitHub. The solution adds robust features (like real-time Task Boards, +1 peer feedback, file sharing, and more) directly in the GitHub UI.


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  • ZenIQ


    ZenIQ is a powerful platform empowering B2B marketers with a better way to manage target account lists, develop segments, and track ABM activity across all touch points. The platform gets results by helping marketers identify and engage with the people who influence and make buying decisions. With ZenIQ, the B2B marketer is better equipped to correlate marketing efforts with the right people, the right content and the right activity.


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  • is a smart generator of landing pages.

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  • Zentail Commerce

    Zentail Commerce

    The Zentail Commerce multi-channel inventory and order management platform empowers marketplace sellers to automate, grow and increase operating efficiency.

    Brand:Zentail Commerce

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  • ZergNet


    ZergNet is a content recommendation solution focused on sending incremental traffic and unique visitors to partners at scale.


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  • Zerista


    Zerista is an event app that makes it easier for everyone at events to engage with the people, content and solutions they came to find. The app focuses on creating highly targeted, personalized attendee experiences. And it turns that engagement into sales for exhibitors, sponsors and the organizations that put on events.


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  • Zerys


    Zerys is a content marketing solution that offers a suite of content planning, production, and writer crowd-sourcing tools


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  • Zerys for Agencies

    Zerys for Agencies

    Zerys for Agencies is a scalable content creation and marketing platform that enables agencies to manage multiple content projects for different clients with one solution.


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  • is a flexible, scalable and user-friendly SaaS content management platform for creative teams. Provision content at any stage in the development process and create rapid workflows for content managers. The platform is fully responsive, so you can quickly deliver content to any device, at any display size. The “Content First” approach means creative brand messaging drives development & deployment timelines, not IT schedules or limiting templates.

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  • Zeta ACT

    Zeta ACT

    Zeta Actions is a world-class results-driven customer acquisition engine that operates in the highest value verticals. The Actions platform combines patented technology with cutting edge tools and techniques to drive scalable, repeatable demand generation for fortune 1000 and middle market brands.

    Brand:Zeta Global

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  • Zeta CRM

    Zeta CRM

    Zeta CRM is a comprehensive, multichannel marketing solution that unifies and unlocks data, driving return on marketing investment. Zeta CRM grants access to a powerful digital marketing engine for personalized, insightful conversations with your customers, delivered in real time with precision and scale.

    Brand:Zeta Global

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  • Zeta ZX

    Zeta ZX

    Zeta ZX is an acquisition engine that leverages proprietary People-Based data to help brands engage or acquire new customers across platform, device, format and channel.

    Brand:Zeta Global

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  • ZetaBoards


    ZetaBoards offers free forum hosting that serves as the perfect site for growing an online community. This forum software has been used by millions of people looking for a place to gather, discuss and share.


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