1010data Insights Platform

The 1010data Insight platform is a cloud-based platform for big data discovery and data sharing enabling organizations to acquire, manage, analyze and visualize data.


Product Features:
  • Data acquisition and data management.
  • Analysis and modeling.
  • Reporting and visualization.
  • Application development.
  • Data sharing and monetization.
Product Purpose:

Use one tool to acquire, manage, analyze and visualize data. This eliminates the need to move data among different tools, eliminating inefficiency and confusion.

Product Attributes: Free Trial: Tech Expert: Credit Card Required: NA Avg Installation Time: Immediate Training: No Training Offered Free Version:

Additional information

1010data (Founded in 1980)

Address: 750 Third Avenue, 4th Floor,  New York,  NY,  10017,  United States of America.
Website: http://www.1010data.com/
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Email Address: support@1010data.com
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