[24]7 Predictive Experience Platform

The [24]7 Predictive Experience Platform is a cloud-based customer engagement platform that is able to help anticipate customer intent in real-time and engage them across channels and devices. Design of Experiments (DoE) is used in conjunction with predictive analytics, real-time decisioning, and Big Data, which enables companies to engineer outcomes across a customer journey to help drive sales, service resolution, loyalty, and advocacy.


Product Features:
  • Creates a predictive omnichannel experience in customer service and sales.
  • Combines Big Data with predictive analytics, real-time decisioning, and machine learning.
  • Enables enterprises to learn significantly more about customers.
  • Helps make the customer experience more intuitive and agents more effective.
  • Improves accuracy in predicting customer intent.
Product Purpose: With [24]7 Active Share, your phone agents can deliver rich visual experiences to voice callers.
Product Attributes: Free Trial: Tech Expert: Credit Card Required: NA Avg Installation Time: Immediate Training: No Training Offered Free Version:

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