Leverage the power of paid marketing to witness instant improvements in website traffic, visibility and leads. Enjoy a stupendous growth in your ROI as our PPC services help you draw targeted traffic to your website via strategically rolled-out ads on display and search network.

PPC Management Service

DigitalClaps has been successfully heading PPC campaigns for a good number of clients. Our PPC services also known as PPC management services are aimed at helping our clients win optimum benefits from their investments. Be it driving quality traffic to your website, improving leads or branding, our PPC professionals will devise the best strategy to meet your preferences and business needs.

Our PPC services are spearheaded by a team of certified Google AdWords experts to deliver best-in-class results.

Why DigitalClaps for PPC?

At DigitalClaps, we firmly believe in working with our clients by understanding specific business needs. Our PPC advertising experts by understanding your specific needs chalk out the best-suited campaign ideas that would suit your budget. Further, these PPC experts ensure that your website enjoys qualify traffic on a consistent basis thus, contributing to your company’s bottom-line i.e. more sale.

Search Advertising

One of the key channels of Pay Per Click advertising. Also referred to as PPC, SEM, Paid Search, etc.


One of the smartest PPC advertising techniques. Remarketing is a lot like upselling, the only difference is that this type of PPC advertising allows you to show ads to the users who have visited the site earlier.

Display Advertising

This is again a crucial PPC advertising practice, which renders a digital marketer with great power in terms of phenomenal reach.

Google Shopping Ads

Most beneficial for retail and online businesses. Here, we create PPC campaigns in an attempt to sell the products to your customers.

Social Media Advertising

Enjoy lower Cost Per Click (CPC), larger reach and engagement than search with our social PPC advertising services.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising spend is at its peak all across the world. Enjoy much a larger reach and penetration with our mobile PPC advertising services.

Our PPC Services

Search Advertising

One of the most important ad channels, search advertising helps drive more leads, sales and eventually, revenue for a business. DigitalClaps has the right talent and expertise to spearhead your PPC budget in the right direction.

Enjoy quality leads at a lower CPA (Cost Per Customer Acquisition) with our search advertising and improved revenue with our Search Advertising PPC services.

At DigitalClaps, we lay emphasis on your search advertising campaign through effective account management tailored to meet your needs and campaign optimization. Our PPC experts make sure to track the campaign’s performance regularly followed by timely reporting. Detailed analysis by the PPC experts help us deliver intelligent recommendations to our clients in terms of social, mobile and display ads.

  • Targeting audience

  • Keyword mapping

  • Dynamic search ad copies for better conversions and clicks

  • Remarketing

  • Campaign optimization

  • URL optimization

  • Account optimization

  • Deliver intelligent recommendations

  • Performance reporting

Display Advertising

Be found by your target audience!

Our display advertising services aims to drive business revenue for you. Get displayed to the right audience and at the right time with our proven display advertising module. We at DigitalClaps help build credibility and recognition for you.

Display advertising is capable of driving phenomenal reach. DigitalClaps has the right mix of expertise and industry experience to manage your PPC budget for display ads effectively. We help you drive brand awareness, generate leads, bring in more sales, and much more at budget-friendly cost.

Our display ads ensure to come up with compelling display ad copies and banners in a range of engaging formats.

We would display ads on the following networks:

  • Google Display Network or GDN
  • Yahoo
  • 3rd Party Display Advertising Networks

Most importantly, our PPC experts utilize the right set of tools and techniques right from advanced analytics to remarketing to deliver best-in-class results. We have delivered exceptional results for our brand range of clients that range from ecommerce to auto and consumer goods to manufacturing.

  • Search Advertising

  • Remarketing

  • Social Ads (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

  • URL Tagging

  • Integrating CRM with website

  • Contextual targeting

  • Behavioral and demographic ad targeting


Reconnect with your audience intelligent like never before!

Intelligently reconnect with the users, who show interest in your product/service. Yes, our smart remarketing helps improve relevant audience reach and display products or services that interest them the most. Reminding the users minus annoyance is what our PPC experts are master at doing! A well-optimized remarketing ad campaign can be a boon to your business.

Remarketing is an amazing PPC advertising technique, which allows you to display ads to the users, who have visited the site earlier. It persuades a user to return to the site by subtly encouraging him/her with relevant ads displayed at the right time minus annoyance. These reminder ads are displayed basis of a user’s search patterns, online behavior and past interactions with the website.

  • Display and Search Remarketing on top search engines including Google

  • Targeted remarketing based on user’s behavior

  • Facebook Remarketing

  • Remarketing via 3rd Party Ad Networks

  • Social Advertising (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram Ads)

  • Ad optimization

  • URL Tagging

  • Spend optimization

  • Extending reach

  • Frequent capping to reduce the ‘creep factor’

  • Integrating CRM with website

Product Listing Ads

Your key to sales!

Google PLA Ads also referred to as Google Shopping Ads enable ecommerce businesses to swiftly place their products at the top of search result pages on Google.

PLAs use product information submitted by a seller through Google Merchant in determining relevance and its placement in the search. It is effective in comparison to Search Advertising, but needs sharp observation and eye to detail. DigitalClaps excels in offering PLA Ads services that can efficiently promote your business.

DigitalClaps is a leading provider of PPC services. We optimize PLA Ads so that they fall in line with their current campaign goals. The prime aim is to help our clients fetch maximum ROI.

  • Setting up Google Merchant Center Setup

  • Feed optimization mapped according to product descriptions and titles

  • Integration of PLA Ads with Google Display and Search networks

  • Dynamic remarketing

  • Ad optimization

  • Analytics

  • Mobile-ready PLA ads

  • Merchant Center management

  • Tracking key metrics

Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising done right!

Mobile Ads are one of most cost-friendly and easiest means of connecting with literally billions of people out there. We at DigitalClaps work diligently to deliver results on all mobile devices as well as locations. Grab the attention of billions with our compelling mobile ad campaigns. We understand what mobile is to people these days.

Mobile advertising undoubtedly has grown at an exponential level all around the world in the recent years with great increase in data connectivity and smartphone usage. With literally millions of people connected through mobile, mobile ads is something that businesses are running after.

Our aim here is to adjust bids for multiple mobile devices and locations, test run different channels, create mobile websites and ads that catch attention and create targeted ads.

  • Understanding the mobile usage behavior and patterns

  • Click-to-Call ad campaigns

  • Call tracking

  • Extending mobile ads to desktops and tablets

  • Optimization

  • Remarketing on mobile

Our PPC Process

Our PPC advertising services follow a detailed process by understanding your needs before devising an apt campaign idea that would fit your budget. In addition, our PPC experts make sure that your site enjoys relevant traffic consistently contributing to the bottom-line.

Our PPC professionals track the performance of each campaign on a regular basis followed by delivering detailed reporting. Further, detailed analysis helps us deliver intelligent campaign suggestions in terms of mobile, display and social PPC ads.

Keyword Research & Selection

Using professional tools for keyword analysis to identify the best keywords for you

Ad Creation

A compelling ad copy including a catchy description and title is sure to get the clicks. Our in-house content experts ensure to put the best ad copies out there for you.

Landing Page Optimization

The most important facet of our PPC package. Our website experts analyze the landing page inside-out before rolling-out the ad campaigns.

Bid Management

Rest assured, as our PPC professionals bid only on those keywords that are more likely to fetch ROI. They closely monitor the bids with great focus on frequently targeted and typed keywords.

Campaign Setup

Setting up campaigns with quality ad copy score and compliance to Google AdWords.


Timely reporting of all your PPC campaigns. Monitoring ROI. Ensuring that campaigns are in line with the latest trends. Performance tracking of all the keywords.

PPC Pricing



  • $350 Setup Fee*
  • $450 Monthly Charge
  • 20 Keywords
  • 5 Locations



  • $500 Setup Fee*
  • $850 Monthly Charge
  • 30 Keywords
  • 10 Locations
  • Minimum of 30 Page 1 Ranking Guarantee
  • Site SEO Analysis
  • Keyword & Marketing Research



  • $700 Setup Fee*
  • $1499 Monthly Charge
  • 40 Keywords
  • 20 Locations
  • Minimum of 40 Page 1 Ranking Guarantee
  • Site SEO Analysis
  • Keyword & Marketing Research
  • Monthly Reporting

Expand your Digital Reach with Our Customized Pay Per Click Services

Dedicated Resources

Our ''Dedicated Resources'' model helps clients get exclusive digital marketing resources and its benefits without the accompanying challenges and cost of training, hiring, and knowledge transfer. These resources work exclusively for the client.

Part-Time Resources

Our ''Part-Time Resources'' model is a ''pay as you go'' model where clients are billed based on how much time has been invested. This allows clients with smaller requirements to still be able to get the same benefits as that of dedicated resource but at a lower cost.

Hourly Resources

Our ''Hourly Resources'' model is the traditional outsourcing model where project requirements, written deadlines, and pre-determined budgets are decided prior to the commencement of work. Suitable for clients looking for project-based assignments.

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