We provide a comprehensive content marketing plan to meet the needs of your business. Our content marketing services include brainstorming, ideating, researching and creating exceptional content for all the marketing collateral including blogs, ads, videos, editorials, etc. Content is still the king in digital marketing realm and we make sure that you don’t miss out on that!

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is all about vision and as the internet becomes more and more prevalent, access to information is getting closer and closer online. In fact, it was always about content right from the beginning until today.

Why Digital Claps for Content Marketing?

Here at Digital Claps, we eat, sleep and breathe digital marketing and content marketing is no exception. With content experts, editors and a proficient graphics team at our hand, we ensure to plan and develop a distinct content marketing approach to each of our client. 

At Digital Claps, our content marketing service offerings revolve around the following core concepts:


With content experts and editors at our fingertips, we at Digital Claps ensure to ideate and develop a distinct content marketing approach that befits your business requirements and preferences.

SEO Integrated

Be it a blog or a video, we make sure to integrate the same with rich keywords and tags to make sure that the content is SEO friendly thus, search-engine friendly.

Marketing strategy

The keystone of our content marketing services lies in our content calendar that our experts create for each client of ours through in-depth competitor analysis and research.

Track Engagement

Our content marketing experts leave no stone unturned when it comes to tracking user engagement, social sharing, content quality, readability, etc.

Focused Content

Our content marketing team brings in rich industry experience and can churn out all kinds of content including news, press releases, videos, blogs, etc.

Content Management

Our content marketing team consists of intelligent and savvy web developers to manage all types of CMS (Content Management System) requirements.

Our Content Development Services

As a leading content marketing services provider, we acknowledge the importance of content marketing in today’s user-dominated social age. This is the reason every piece of content created at Digital Claps undergoes rigorous quality checks.

Blog Writing

Whether you are investing heavily in SEO, PPC or any social media, content sits at the core of all the digital marketing concepts. Also, you have few seconds to grab the eyeballs of your potential customer. This is where blog writing comes to your rescue.

Our expert blog writing service eradicates the need to screen multiple bloggers or freelance writers for your firm, because we have a dedicated team of bloggers and writers to take up and execute any type of blogging needs.

Most importantly, our bloggers leverage prominent content writing tools and analytics to come up with the best-in-class blogs. They know the topics, keywords, trends, audience, and all things that go into making a stupendous blog. Got guest post requirements? Feel free to reach us.

  • Fresh and relevant content

  • Blog on topics relevant to your audience and visitors

  • Understand your visitors

  • Blogs with call to action

  • Videos and graphical illustrations

  • Social sharing

  • Updating older blogs and posts

  • Re-sharing successful posts and blogs from the past

Website Content

As a digital marketing agency, we are spot-on when it comes to ensuring that your site stays SEO-friendly and likable by the search engines. This is why our website content experts make sure to churn out well-written, factual and SEO friendly content for your website.

With a pool of experienced and veteran writers at our disposal, we have a writer with the skills, background and expertise that you require for your website content. Be it static website pages, SEO pages, landing pages, etc. our website content writing services cover all.

  • Unique and relevant website content

  • Fresh and quality content

  • SEO friendly and SEO optimized web content

  • Competitor analysis

  • Grammatically sound website content

  • Call to action on web pages

  • Convincing and engaging web content

Press Releases

Our press release writing services cover a broad range of press releases. Be it a feature story, news, announcements, events, or launch of a new service or product, rewards, recognition, etc. our press release services can help you with all.

Apart from product oriented press release services, Digital Claps also offers SEO PR distribution services. Our press releases are conceived after a thorough discussion with you followed by an extensive industry research including the solutions, services, products, etc.

  • Press release writing

  • Press release optimization

  • Press release distribution

  • Total ownership

  • Quick turnaround

White Papers

White papers are acknowledge worldwide to work great in comparison with other content forms that you may publish. On the other hand, distributing and sharing white papers has been proven to drive credibility for a business since ages.

Our white paper services would help you establish your business brand whilst assisting greatly in generating leads and sales. We designate experienced writers for drafting white papers for you. Our clients have been enjoying improved credibility and engagement after availing our white paper services.

  • White papers from industry experts

  • Compelling white papers

  • Well-researched and formatted

  • Well-referenced papers

  • Data-driven white papers

  • Thought leadership

  • Quick turnaround

Case Studies

Our tested case study writing services come from a team of experienced writers, who can effortlessly create quality case studies in no time. Our well-written and formatted case studies can help you have a lasting impression with your customers.

Case studies as we know are valuable marketing tools demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand. This is why getting it done from a professional makes sense and this is where Digital Claps’ case study writing service comes into picture.

  • Written by industry experts

  • Compelling

  • Well-researched

  • Well-referenced

  • Data-driven

  • Statistically sound case studies

  • Quick turnaround


Infographics as we all know are gaining massive popularity these days. Infographic helps consume good amount of data in an easy way to the reader, helps connect you with the information quickly and easily. It is all about providing your audiences with information in an engaging yet lucid way.

Our infographics writing and design service would go a long way in creating that buzz that you always wanted to. Our infographic experts and graphic design professionals adopts comprehensive research practices to roll out the information, statistics and data needed to create an enthralling infographic.

  • Data and stats collection

  • Visually pleasing infographic creation

  • Promotions

  • Quick turnaround

Our Content Marketing Process

At Digital Claps, we have been working since long to carve out our content marketing process figuring out various tactics and strategies. Our content marketing comes up with a suitable tactic based on your requirements and objectives.

Here’s what our content marketing reflects:


Devising content marketing strategy. Identifying target audience and performing content audits.

Content creation

Keyword research, landing page development blogging and data visualization.

Content Promotion

Promoting content on social media platforms, email newsletters, SEO promotion, etc.


Leveraging advanced analytics to track and find top content ideas.

Content Marketing Pricing



  • $350 Setup Fee*
  • $450 Monthly Charge
  • 20 Keywords
  • 5 Locations



  • $450 Setup Fee*
  • $850 Monthly Charge
  • 30 Keywords
  • 10 Locations



  • $850 Setup Fee*
  • $1499 Monthly Charge
  • 40 Keywords
  • 20 Locations

Expand your Digital Reach with Our Customized Content Marketing Services

Dedicated Resources

Our ''Dedicated Resources'' model helps clients get exclusive digital marketing resources and its benefits without the accompanying challenges and cost of training, hiring, and knowledge transfer. These resources work exclusively for the client.

Part-Time Resources

Our ''Part-Time Resources'' model is a ''pay as you go'' model where clients are billed based on how much time has been invested. This allows clients with smaller requirements to still be able to get the same benefits as that of dedicated resource but at a lower cost.

Hourly Resources

Our ''Hourly Resources'' model is the traditional outsourcing model where project requirements, written deadlines, and pre-determined budgets are decided prior to the commencement of work. Suitable for clients looking for project-based assignments.

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