Our facility has robust communication infrastructure provided by tier-1 telephone companies such as Tata, Reliance and Airtel. Each of these telcos have their PoPs (Points of Presence on site). For internet & data connectivity we have multiple circuits of 22 MBPS, 12 MBPS and 5 MBPS from the various providers. In addition we a large capacity of voice circuit with a redundancy architecture. Both Reliance & Tata Ring Topology Node is immediately outside the facility. This insulates the facility from last mile local loop fibre cut related downtime.



Our facility has a HT (High Tension) electricity supply connection meant for continuous operations. This means there are very few and rare power outages. The supply is assured by MSECDCL (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited. As a further assurance we have onsite Diesel Generators from Cummins that work on auto-switching and fail over mode for seamless operations. The entire computing infrastructure is on Emerson based UPS systems, forming a third layer of power continuity security.


As an organization we are open source driven – however we have also deployed technology from global leaders and OEMs such as Microsoft, HP Dell, IBM, Acer, McAfee and several others. The computing infrastructure and architecture has been designed keeping in mind optimal performance, redundancy, low energy consumption, information security, robustness, best practices and statutory compliance,. Network built on Cat 6 U/UTP cables and intended to handle high-speed voice, video and data applications with L3 and L2switches and verified as compliant with EIA/TIA standards by ETL.


Access Control is provided using RFID cards that work on technology provided by market leader FAAC Systems. Surveillance Monitoring includes over 120 CCTV Cameras with centralized monitoring capabilities with security service provider on site. Security Services are provided by well established market leader and multinational ISS SDB Security Services.


We strategically located in Navi Mumbai, the region which has earned its reputation as one of the most cost effective commercial hub in the Mumbai. The area was, earlier, primarily an industrial zone that is now become a fast developing commercial neighbourhood with several premier global and domestic business groups having their headquarters or significant operations close by. Several engineering colleges are located in proximity, enabling easy access to quality talent.


Our facility is within a few kilometres of major railway stations, bus services and taxis stands enabling easy commute for staff to work. For late night operations our organization provides transport services to employees. Lockers are available for entire workforce so that a “no mobile devices on floor” policy is possible to implement. We work in a paperless environment to further enhance information security. For staff convenience we have a cafeteria that operates 24 hours 7 days a week on site that serves freshly prepared food.

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Oxford Training Room – 2nd Floor
Oxford Training Room – 2nd Floor

Diesel Generators from Cummins

Emerson based UPS systems

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