Corporate Domain Name Management

Safeguard your domain portfolio – your brand’s online identity by trusting it in safe hands of an ICANN accredited registrar.


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    Delight Domain Program

    Foolproof plans to manage your domain name portfolio- charting future strategy, opportunity analysis & risk mitigation.


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    Why trust Digital-Claps – an ICANN accredited registrar?

    We’ll do the hard work of securing your brand identity, while you look after more important things- your business.

    Flexible Yearly Invoicing

    Tired of multiple invoices? Free yourself from all the administrative hassles as we'll ensure that you get a single invoice every year, while we keep all your domains intact for you. With flexible invoicing, you get different sections of domain portfolio billed on different business units.

    Guaranteed Domain Renewal

    Yes! We offer guaranteed automatic domain renewal prior to expiration to quash any risk of your domain name collapsing. Rest assured, you don't have to deal with any domain renewal notices or monitor domain expiry dates!

    Multi-Layer Security Login

    The control panel through which you can keep a close look on your domain portfolio comes with specialized multi-layer secure login to ensure that your domains are safe from all the prying eyes.

    Dedicated Account Manager

    You'll get a visionary from Digital-Claps who'll be your SPOC for providing you with professional support as and when you need it. No running from pillar to post for getting a task done!

    An ICANN accredited registrar

    Digital-Claps is an ICANN accredited registrar. You should buy domains and go for corporate domain management by only an ICANN accredited register.

    Brand Protection from New gTLDs

    Multiple new gTLDs are being released daily, and this'll revolutionize the way we interact online. Our corporate domain name management services can strengthen your brand by charting out an effective and fully tailored gTLD strategy, wherein we'll give you recommendations for buying new gTLDs after thorough analysis of your existing domain name portfolio.

    Domain Portfolio Strategy & Management

    We are into domains for over 15+ years now and being the corporate domain experts, we have provided services to organizations of all sizes for complete domain portfolio review- including an audit for current domain names and assessment of company procedures; domain registration strategy for safeguarding brands, geographies and trademarks; domain name consultancy; drafting policies and formulating strategies for protecting digital assets; generating fully tailored reports to provide optimal registration strategies and to leverage new gTLDs opportunities; and minimizing overall costs.

    xyz Technologies logo I’m extremely happy with the service and support from ZNetLive. You folks answer questions promptly (billing, sales or support). The fact that I’ve had my websites for almost three years without any crashes or down time is very impressive. Much thanks again for offering such a good deal on web hosting servicesicon

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    DPML service for trademark owners

    Protect your brand from cybersquatting & get complete peace of mind with DPML service for trademark owners.

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