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To expand our business process outsourcing services we formed a Joint Venture and acquired Lester Inc in 2004.

Lester was originally incorporated in 1981 in the U.S. and is based in East Haven, Connecticut. Lester provides business services to the B2B media industry, fund raising services to the not-for-profit and education sector and consumer technical support services.

The business services for B2B media companies include services to acquire, manage and renew subscribers for their magazine, newsletters, events, online portals and webinars. We service Non-Profit Institutions such as schools, colleges and others with fund raising campaigns using combination of social media and traditional methods for superior results. Our consumer technical support services helps make technology work for consumers. We help consumers choose and use technology to realize their intended benefits of security & privacy, staying connected, improving productivity, enjoying conveniences and saving on expenses.

Lester Inc

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Publishing Industry

For over 30 years, LesterUSA’s publishing division has helped publishers acquire and renew subscribers for their paid and controlled subscription magazines. Whether our clients need to build qualified circulation before their BPA or AAM audit or simply boost their paid subscriber base, we can guide them through this process. We have the experience to grow your subscriber base for your print and digital assets.

LesterUSA’s Publishing Division staff has years of experience and includes on-staff circulation specialists. We have been a member of BPA’s Telemarketing Committee since it’s inception. We understand the goals of Audience Development Managers. We know how precious a list can be, that sometimes every last subscriber is needed on the BPA statement.

We understand audit requirements and deadlines. And, we realize there are budget constraints. We’ll design the most effective strategy to meet our clients’ circulation goals, and closely monitor and evaluate their results.

Non Profit Industry

For over 30 years, LesterUSA’s fund raising division has implemented thousands of successful personalized cost-effective, Annual Fund, Capital, Membership and Specialty Campaigns for leading Universities, Colleges, Independent Schools and Non-Profit Organizations.

LesterUSA works in partnership with our clients to create campaigns that deliver maximum results. Lester strives to upgrade donors, re-engage lapsed donors and convert non-donors. Our experienced and caring callers work on our client’s behalf to increase the retention rate, improve upon the level of contribution and provide valuable data enhancement.

At LesterUSA there are no limitations on the time or effort that go into campaign development and execution. We will effectively represent your cause by precisely blending resources into a cost conscious campaign. LesterUSA delivers the best value for your fund raising budget.

Outsourced Lead Generation

As our clients have moved to Performance Based Marketing, LesterUSA has transitioned with them to provide quality Lead Generation Service. We have experience in finding quality prospects across a broad range of industries, including Information Technology.

Our Lead Generation service is aimed at finding prospects that have shown an organic interest in our client’s products and services. We perform content marketing to find such prospects. Content maybe in the form of a white paper that the prospect has agreed to receive; or a webinar that they have agreed to attend; or a newsletter subscription. By sowing an interest, they are more likely to buy a product or a service from you.

Increasingly marketing departments are under pressure to demonstrate Return on Investment on their marketing investments. Website Page views, Search Marketing Views, or Advertising on Print and Digital assets is no longer enough. Leads is the new currency.

GuruAid – Trusted Technical Solutions

GuruAid operates in the paid independent support space for software issues. Our support services include set up and install, technical issue resolutions, software optimization and usage related services. We offer annual support plans so consumers can get their technology to work from the comfort of their homes, get unlimited support from experts 24 X 365, access help for any product or brand from a single source.

The software issue resolution market is growing rapidly due to multiple factors. Explosive growth of interconnected consumer electronic devices, decreasing focus of OEMs on complementary support, growth in remote and subscription based services and a growing preference for “one-stop” shops that provide brand agnostic resolutions to issues faced.

The age of smart digitally connected homes is upon us. Today multitudes of interconnected devices are used to secure homes, save energy, manage convenience and entertainment, perform health monitoring. GuruAid is expanding its service portfolio to include a support for a wide variety of IoT applications.

The GuruAid solution was launched in 2010 and is growing steadily. The service is currently offered in US, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. On a daily basis, more than 5,000 subscribers and new prospects seek help from GuruAid’s technical support organization.

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